Small changes make a difference

As a chartered accountant knowing what my business does has always been straightforward - our services help our clients. We save them tax, eliminate their stress of dealing with Inland Revenue, and help them with their business or trust.

But why do we do it? (and it's not to make money, this is a result). Why do we get out of bed in the morning, what is our purpose, and why should you care?

The answer is simple. We are in business to make our clients' lives easier. Read more…

Keep cash crowned as king

If you want to succeed in business, understand that Cash is King. Your business can't survive without cash.

The following six takeaways are essential for business success: Read more…

Slow payers cost you real money

You know you have to get your debtors to pay, but do you understand the true impact of slow payers? Without a realistic picture of the direct and indirect costs of slow payment, your debt management practices may hurt your business. Read more…

Save IRD interest and eliminate penalties

Do you owe provisional or terminal tax to IRD? If so, you can save up to 30% on interest costs and eliminate late payment penalties by purchasing back-dated tax from a tax pooling intermediary such as Tax Management NZ (TMNZ). Read more…

Pay your provisional tax when it suits you

It's not easy to pay the right amount of provisional tax if your income is seasonal or volatile. This is when tax pooling is useful.

Using a tax pooling intermediary such as Tax Management NZ gives you the following benefits:

  • Flexibility to manage your tax payments to suit your cashflow
  • Eliminate late payment penalties
  • Reduce interest costs by up to 30%.
Read more…

How the new provisional tax rules affect you

April 1, 2017 sees the biggest shake-up to New Zealand's provisional regime in twenty years. What does it mean for you? 

For provisional taxpayers who pay using the standard method, there are two changes to the way IRD will charge UOMI from the 2018 tax year. Read more…

Is your vehicle logbook up to date?

The end of the tax year is here. It's time to record the odometer reading in your business vehicle. Read more…

Get ready, get set - End of year tax checklist

Work through the points below to straighten things up for the end of the tax year. Ask us if you would like more information. Read more…

ACC Cover Plus Extra Success Story

Our business is to give our clients quality advice so they can reap the benefits. One of our clients recently had a successful claim with ACC Cover Plus Extra, having applied what she learnt at one of our seminars. Read more…

Are you ready for the end of the tax year?

Reduce your tax with these year end tax planning tips. Read more…

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