Audit reviews by Inland Revenue (IR) can happen to you at any time and can result in unplanned professional fees. If you want a way out then make sure you have Audit Shield Protection so it can pay the fees for you.

Two of our clients have recently benefited from having Audit Shield Protection. One prepared and filed their own GST return and didn't complete it correctly. IR queried the return and we had to step in and supply information to IR to resolve the issue.

For another client, IR disallowed a claim we had made in their income tax return. We disputed IR's decision which resulted in a refund of more than $7,000 for our client.

In both cases the clients had Audit Shield protection and Audit Shield paid our fees (instead of the client having to). The claims were higher than the premiums our clients had paid making it a win for both of them.

See how you can shield yourself against the sting of unplanned fees or give us a call to talk about it.