Profit - the nuts and bolts

When you look at your accounts, can you read your profitability? Here are some things to look for.

Gross profit

Gross Profit = Net Sales – Cost of Goods Sold

Gross profit is the difference between revenue and the cost of goods sold (or services provided). It appears before administrative expenses and general overheads are accounted for. Ideally, gross profit covers your overheads as well as generating your targeted profit, your net profit. Read more…

What shape are your end-of-year accounts in?

The end of the financial year can be either stressful or a seamless part of what you do. Ideally, your end-of-year accounts will confirm what you think your business has been doing for the past 12 months. Read more…

New law will make dirty money easier to spot

Money laundering is big business in New Zealand. Every year $1.35 billion of fraud- and drug -related money is laundered through seemingly legitimate businesses. In response, the Government introduced specific Anti-Money Laundering and Countering Financing of Terrorism legislation to address this risk. Read more…

Small changes make a difference

As a chartered accountant knowing what my business does has always been straightforward - our services help our clients. We save them tax, eliminate their stress of dealing with Inland Revenue, and help them with their business or trust.

But why do we do it? (and it's not to make money, this is a result). Why do we get out of bed in the morning, what is our purpose, and why should you care?

The answer is simple. We are in business to make our clients' lives easier. Read more…

Keep cash crowned as king

If you want to succeed in business, understand that Cash is King. Your business can't survive without cash.

The following six takeaways are essential for business success: Read more…

Slow payers cost you real money

You know you have to get your debtors to pay, but do you understand the true impact of slow payers? Without a realistic picture of the direct and indirect costs of slow payment, your debt management practices may hurt your business. Read more…

ACC Cover Plus Extra Success Story

Our business is to give our clients quality advice so they can reap the benefits. One of our clients recently had a successful claim with ACC Cover Plus Extra, having applied what she learnt at one of our seminars. Read more…

Is your business ready for Christmas?

Prepare your business for Christmas with this simple checklist: Read more…

Gross profit is the difference between sales and cost of goods sold. Ideally your gross profit should cover the overhead expenses of the business, and achieve the targeted profit for the business. Read more…

Dealing with Conflict in the Family Business

Many owners of family businesses think they don't need the formal control systems, structures and employment descriptions found in most businesses. While things may operate well initially, family disputes can erupt and problems arise. These can threaten the existence of the business. Read more…

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